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Because of the routines we follow, we often forget that life is an ongoing adventure - Maya Angelou

I rejoined the "real world" almost 2 years ago. After adjusting to work and a new city, I finally found a comfortable "routine". Last year that consisted of reading for fun, rather than for school, and boy did I read! A lot
Mud Run 2013

This year started off with a workout frenzy. First the FireCracker 5K in February, then starting boot camp the day after (at 6am, no less, egads!) for 6 weeks, then the MudRun in June, all the while playing on my company softball team. (Go Silicone Sluggers! previously known as the Lap-Bandits!)

While I'm still (trying) to keep up with getting and staying in shape, lately, something has been nagging at me. Gnawing at my brain and leaking into my consciousness.
Scar from The Lion King

My creative side is no longer the dormant creature it once was. No longer suppressed by the need to get through grad school or figure out my life (well, the last part still lingers, but that's a whole other story...), it screams at me to DO SOMETHING.

I've been telling a few people (and mentioned it not that long ago), that I wanted to write. Not anything as ambitious as a novel, but more along the line of short stories. Maybe a children's book if possible, complete with illustrations. Nothing Earth shattering or revolutionary, but something fun. I'm not looking to get published; these stories are for me, and maybe if they are entertaining enough, I may share with a few friends. 

 Exhibit A: Crescent Bay Beach
I started sketching a little (more like looking at a picture and recreating it, hello Scar!), brainstorming story ideas, and even started dabbling in "photography".  I put that in quotations because I've only been taking scenic shots, which are pretty easy and with apps like instagram, lots of things look good even with a camera phone. (See exhibit A!) 

I also have an art easel in my closet, with paints that have yet to be open and a few canvases ready to be splashed. Right now, possibilities are endless. We'll see what where this summer's adventure will take me... We'll see! 


  1. Can't wait to see/read what you come up with!

    1. Thanks F! I'll definitely share with you when one of the stories is done! =)


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