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"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." - Seneca

Another year has just flown by. It's true what they say, the older you get the fast time flies. What up with that?!

And what a year 2016 was.

Most of you who are around my age understand the real impact of all the celebrities that were lost because they were who we grew up with, who helped mark important childhood milestones. Also, the election... I'm not going to elaborate on that just because I just don't have the energy.

So on to more positive things.

I became an aunt! One of my best friend's Nina, and my cousin had baby boys and they are both as cute as can be! I still remember meeting Nina over 20 years ago in our freshman year of college and when my cousin was in diapers!

Last year was filled with several domestic vacations. Tahoe for snowboarding, San Francisco, Boston, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Denver, Seattle, Santa Barbara... I was all over the country this year and I got to catch up with a lot of people that I haven't seen in quite some time. I'm gr…
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Things that go BEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the night and make you say "WTH!?!?!?!?!?!" in the day

So, yeah... it's been an interesting week... actually one day in particular.

I know I've neglected this blog for a while. It's mainly because I couldn't think of any topics that were interesting enough to write about, but I definitely found one.

So, in general, this week has been crazy. I got a ridiculous request for a TPS report (because the actual content is not worth mentioning) that was a massive fire drill with a 24 hour turnaround time that I had to organize with minimal information. Equal parts frustration and confusion. All manual and in excel, and of course it involved gathering last second information from around 20 people.

That's not the "why" of this last Tuesday, October 18th was interesting... let me just count the ways.

It's about 4AM. I hear a random alarm go off. Groggily, I wonder, "what the heck is that?!" After all, I already disabled BOTH my smoke detector and my CO sensor because I need new batteries...

I get out of be…

A particularly Manic Monday...

Today is one of the more challenging Mondays of the year. The Monday after daylight savings, where one hour disappears into oblivion... (come back!!!)

Anyway, as I walked into work with mist lightly dancing on my face, my knees ache a little from the tennis I played over the weekend and my eyes ache from not getting enough sleep. (That's what you get for getting home after 11:30pm, staying up to 12:30ish because you couldn't sleep due to your late afternoon coffee milkshake and waking up at 6:45 by your ALARM...)

Being woken up by my alarm is the WORST... I think I have unnaturally sensitive stress receptors so I usually wake up before my alarm in a mild fear of oversleeping. So when something unexpected wakes me up, especially in a middle of a dream, I'm lethargic all day.

Even now, being awake for 1.5 hours, sitting in my work chair, I feel like a clouded veil has been placed over my eyeballs, and even a straight up caffeine IV wouldn't take effect for another hour.…

"Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of." - Geri Weitzman

So I've neglected this blog for a while. My bad!

I kinda feel like I don't want to post something unless there is something behind it. But then I realized something... that's too much pressure!

I have 4 drafts that I never finished that are just sitting there. Maybe I will post a few of those this year, maybe not. I guess we'll see.

In the meantime, this will be my "year in review" post, even though it's a bit late. (oops!)

So 2015... yeah... as far as work goes, it is another one of those epic years of change. This year will not be any different but it's too early to digress on that topic.

As far as personal growth, it was another big one. I decided to really focus on my creative side. THAT blog got lots of love last year. I embarked on a year long #HumpDayHaiku journey that I'm proud to say I completed. And even though the writing of the haikus didn't improve my writing ability (though I'm beyond an expert of counting syllables on my fi…

“To travel, to experience and learn: that is to live.” - Tenzing Norgay

Hello there!

It's been a while since I've been on here. I've been keeping myself busy with my creativity projects and have also been neglecting that food blog I was working on. Oops!

Anyway, my brother, Stephen (but better known to his friends as "Steve") turned 40 a few months ago. I was planning on writing about that in May or early June, but my obsession with finishing the Game of Throne books kept me occupied. I finally finished the 5th book (A Dance with Dragons) earlier this month! So before I go and start rambling about the books and the HBO series, I will stop myself from digressing...

So, yeah, Steve just hit a big milestone in life. He may or may not like that I have called him out on this, but truth be told... he doesn't look his age. Nor, truthfully does he act it. :)
George Burns stated it well, "You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old!" Heck, I'm not going to disagree with that! My previous irritation o…

WARNING: Reflections in this post may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of a happy life

So anyone who has ever read this blog knows that it's pretty normal for me to use quotes, or plays on quotes. This one is particularly awesome, me thinks, but let me just set the expectation now; this will just be a run of the mill reflection on the previous year. (So long to all of you who tuned out and clicked elsewhere!)
And what a year it was!
January - March:
For my birthday I got Lion King tickets. Lion King was my favorite animated Disney movie for ages (until they collaborated with Pixar) and I have been dying to see this show for as long as I could remember.

There are a handful of movies where I know every single line and this is one of them. (If you are curious about the others, they include, but aren't limited to: Jerry Maguire, Clueless, Friday, and Almost Famous. Talk about random, right?)
The show definitely did not disappoint. If you have never seen it, this is a ::MUST SEE:: in my humble opinion. The opening song is worth the ticket!
As I mentioned in previous blog p…

"The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance." - Alan W. Watts

So... yeah, change is a coming.

I am moving to the OC.


I haven't "officially" lived there in 20 years! Two decades! Four lustra! You get the idea.

I recently took a personality assessment that says that I don't like change. I think there is a little bit of truth in there, but I feel like the nostalgia that brings about the reluctance.

I'll be honest, San Diego is the only place I've never complained about. I was even grateful to be unemployed there because I got rock star parking every time I went to the beach during work hours. And the museums were free to residents, so I took advantage of that too.

When I first moved to California, I mocked the weather ("What? No snow on Christmas?!" Give me a break, I was 10!); then when I moved to Boston for grad school, it wasn't the weather I complained about (I already had an idea of what I was getting into), I missed my friends and Mexican food. Not Tex-Mex, but California burritos stuffed with fr…