Monday, October 14, 2013

"there is nothing to writing. all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed" - Ernest Hemmingway

Alrighty, then...

And as much as I want to believe in that quote, I know it's not true for me. Not because typewriters are practically an endangered species (and let me tell you, I have many nostalgic memories from sitting at a typewriter, but I digress...), but because I'm logical to almost a fault.

Personally, I find creativity to be challenging. I am decent at taking other people's ideas and running with them, and at times, making them very much my own, but other times, I sit and think and come up with nothing inspiring enough to get me to sit in front of a computer and have verbal diarrhea that is worth sharing.

Nothing has really changed, except the willingness to share. On that note, I created another blog: Adventures in Kreativitee to do just that.

I have challenged myself to write a short story or narrative at least every 2 weeks for a year. They may not be long, and it's very unlikely that all of them will be good, but the goal is to force myself to wake up and rattle the creative side of me, since the left side of my brain is used so heavily at work.

So, here's an unofficial official invitation to join me on this adventure. Prompts and feedback are welcome. But just remember, my major was Animal Physiology and Neuroscience, not Communications or Literature. Ahem... 


  1. I'm game. When's the first adventure?

    1. Writing Prompt #1:

      You pick up the phone to call a friend and realize that you are on the line with yourself 5 years ago. Write about the conversation that ensues.

      I should get my story posted by the end of the week on the other blog. :)


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